Grow your hearts and minds with us…and healthy, inexpensive food too.

Our garden “opened its doors” to planting in the spring of 2015. Thirty plots were used by congregational members and others in our community. We strive to help people grow healthy, inexpensive food for themselves and their families as well as foster a sense of community among its gardeners. One of our plots is strictly for the growing of food for the Hartford Food Pantry as our way of giving back to the community. We now offer 45 plots!

We try to offer tips on gardening and hope to have more resources available in the future. Registration and other forms are available in the church office M-Th between 8:30am and 3:30pm.

Questions can be answered by contacting the Garden chair, Robin Pfotenhauer: 262-707-6864 or If you would like your garden tilled or would like help learning how to use our tiller, please call Robin and make the arrangements. Our tiller is slightly different than most and you need a quick tutorial!

For $25 anyone can have a plot in our garden. We do, however, have some restrictions on herbicide and pesticide usage so that we can have as natural a garden as possible. In the spring of 2016 we added 15 more plots for a total of 45. We have some other plans in the works so watch for that information in the future.

All gardeners need to have their plots cleaned up by the end of October.  If you plan to garden again, please let us know no later than JANUARY 1ST.   If you decide NOT to garden, please let us know as well.